10 Weights & Italics

Diacritics For All Latin Languages

Extensive set of Ligatures

Small Caps, Fractions, Old Style Figures

Local Forms, Stylistic Alternates

Subscript & Superscript

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Clavo among the Myfonts’ most popular typefaces of the year 2013!

Clavo was picked out for the exhibition Call For Type - New Typefaces.

Multipurpose Font Family

Clavo is multipurpose font family. It's warmth comes from subtle details, classical proportions and traditional forms, while harmonious structure prevents distraction while reading. This makes Clavo universal typeface. In all sizes, from caption to display.

The family consists of ten weights. They were not created in a linear way. The steps between the weights were adjusted carefully to avoid a mechanical graduation, in favor to optical harmony.

Clavo covers all latin languages. And of course every weight comes with matching italics.

OpenType Features

Small Capitals

Discretionary Ligatures


Stylistic Alternates

Local Forms

Wide set of Figures





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